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Use these scripts to create dozens and dozens of excellent, attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that virtually hypnotize people and stop them in their tracks!

Use these scripts to instantly craft killer headlines for squeeze pages, sales pages, blog ads, articles, resource boxes, banners, text ads, and more!

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Example Projects

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Stock Investing Course (An information product)

Ebook Author Coaching (High-end coaching program)

Gun Oil (Physical "Ecommerce" product)

Organize Your Wardrobe (Make the most of the clothes you own)

Pumpkin Spice (A fun example to help you brainstorm!)

10 Minute Workout Revolution (Lose Weight)

Ecommerce Sellers (Unicorn Jewelry (Physical Product))

Homeowners (Topic: Filter of the month club)

At Home Gin Making Kit (Partygoer)

GPS Car Tracker (Parents of Teenage Drivers)

"My target audience is a / an ____."
(Ex: beginner investor, ebook author, home seller, home buyer, etc.)

(Ex: stock investing, ebook marketing, for sale by owner, home buying, etc.)

(Ex: pick winning stocks, ebook writing, fsbo, house hunting, etc.)

(Ex: Stock Investing Playbook; "Selling Your Home Alone"; Neuracel; 5 Secrets To Deleting Nerve Pain; The Biohacker's Guide; Neuropathy Supplements; Funnel Scripts; Webinar Secrets; Big Jim's Running Shoes; Kodak XLR 75; The Speaker's Edge Coaching; etc.)

"The thing I want them to buy is / are ______." (NOUN)
(Ex: pain reliever, supplement, service, coaching, websites, templates, blueprints, checklist, software, secrets, resources, places, FB Posts, info-graphics, list, guide, digital camera, etc.)

"The thing I want them to buy is definitely ______." (ADJECTIVE)
(Ex: under-the-radar, free, little-known, proven, "black hole", off-the-record, breakthrough, revolutionary, new, etc.)

"My audience really wants to _____." (VERB)
(Ex: pick more money-making stocks; publish your own outrageously profitable ebook; get your home sold for top dollar; buy your own dream home; etc.)

"My audience really wants to _____." (VERB)
(Ex: earn a double-digit return on your stock investments; create passive income from amazon royalty checks; find a qualified buyer in your timeframe; get a monthly payment you can feel good about; etc.)

"My audience really wants to avoid ______." (VERB ending in "ing")
(Ex: losing money on stocks, trying to write it all yourself, paying a Realtor commission, spending weeks in a car looking at houses, etc.)

Completes statement "Even if ______"
(Ex: you have never invested in stocks before now, you think you can't write, you have no marketing or sales experience, you have less-than-perfect credit, etc.)

"You can get results _____."
(Ex: automatically, quickly, instantly, immediately, fast, in a flash, etc.)

"You'll see results in _____."
(Ex: 30 days; 15 minutes or less; one week; etc.)