Core Headline Scripts

Core Headline Scripts

Create Headlines Based On Proven Formulas That Work For ANYTHING!

Use to create headlines for virtually any purpose to promote just about anything!


  1. Fill out the form below & click the "Build" button;
  2. Scroll through the results that appear below the form;
  3. Click on the blue text to change wording or click on the lock to lock in that wording;
  4. Click the blue shopping cart to save to the clip bin or the orange copy button to paste to your favorite text editor.
  5. Click on "Get Results" to download Text, Word, or PowerPoint version or have them emailed to you.

*Do Not Forget to click "Project" and Save your project input for future use or changes!

Example Projects

Click links to auto-load examples

Middle-Aged Unicorn (Focus: Lose Weight & Be Brave)

Struggling Part Time Writer (Focus: Ebook Marketing)

Beginner Investor (Focus: Find great investment deals)

Real Estate Agent (Focus: More Listings and Buyer Leads)

Special Operations Candidate (Focus: Get ready for military service)

Funnel Hacker (Focus: Sales Copywriting)

Home Chef (Focus: Make great meals at home)