The Most Important Part of Your Framework - The Title

Week 1 Day 2

From a sales copy perspective, the most important part of selling your framework is the title. YES, the content is super important, but the title of your one-pager, course, coaching, book or whatever is the TITLE!

It's the hook, the headline, the promise and more all rolled up into one neat little package. 😉

Below I have a quick training for you on the framework I use to create amazing titles AND a FREE tool you can use to create amazing titles at the whack of a button!

3 Steps To A Hypnotic Framework Title


    [op_file_download_item title="Download%20%22TOP%2010%20Framework%20Title%20Scripts%22%20PDF" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="" package="" level="" new_window=""]Right%20Click%20%26%20Save%20As%20To%20Download%20The%20PDF%20In%20Windows%3Cbr%2F%3ECTRL%20%2B%20Click%20To%20Download%20The%20PDF%20On%20A%20Mac[/op_file_download_item]

Access the FREE "Core Title Script":

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The Ultimate Framework Easy Button

This is the demo video of "The Framework Script" that is included with OFA Scripts - which is a set of scripts designed to help you get through the OFA Challenge even faster and easier.

Access the Script:

Existing OFA Scripts Members and Funnel Scripts Unlimited Members can access "The Framework Script" Here

Access The Framework Script

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