Gary Halbert's Favorite Direct Response Headlines

Gary Halbert's Favorite Direct Response Headlines

Gary Halbert's Long Lost
Direct Marketing Secrets" Presentation

In this long lost video, the late, great Gary Halbert explains what you should focus on, what you should sell, and why!

This guy was a genius when it comes to direct selling AND content creation... and a real character to listen to... enjoy!!

Everything he teaches can be adapted to what we are doing today online... and that makes this absolutely insane when it comes to the principles you can apply right now today.

Translation: When Gary says the following, you think this.

  • Direct Mail = Digital Marketing
  • Mail = Email Marketing
  • Letters = Email messages
  • Book = Product
  • Post Office = Autoresponder Service
  • Direct Mail Piece = Sales Letter
  • Small space display ads = online ads / FB newsfeed ads
  • Lead generation ad = opt-in lead-magnet, tripwire offer

This is my tribute to the late, great copywriting genius, Gary Halbert. He did more to teach direct response copywriting skills to our generation of online copywriters than any other person I could name.

This is a collection of Gary's favorite direct response headlines that he felt could really drive sales in some VERY competitive markets. If you've never heard of Gary, or you'd like to know more about him, I encourage you to check out The Gary Halbert Letter to learn more.


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