Niche and Offer Detective Wizard

Niche and Offer Detective Wizard (V2.0)

Research Your Niche and Brainstorm your Offer components using this new Funnel Script!

(5 Day Lead Challenge / OFA Challenge)

Extended Demos

Sarah Pitts Case Study

OFA Challenge Extended Demo


  1. Fill out the form below & click the "Build" button;
  2. Scroll through the results that appear below the form;
  3. Click on the links to open the research sites in a new window.

*Do Not Forget to click "Project" and Save your project input for future use or changes!

Example Projects

Click links to auto-load examples

Funnel Hacker (Focus: Sales Copywriting)

Struggling Part Time Writer (Focus: Ebook Marketing)

Beginner Investor (Focus: Find great investment deals)

Real Estate Agent (Focus: More Listings and Buyer Leads)

Special Operations Candidate (Focus: Get ready for military service)

Unicorn (Focus: Lose Weight & Be Brave)

Middle-Aged Unicorn (Focus: Lose Weight & Be Brave)

Home Chef (Focus: Make great meals at home)