Thank You Letter Script

Thank You Letter Script

Create “Thank You Letters” That Get MORE Sales!

So shockingly simple and powerful... now everyone can quickly generate "Thank You Letters" FAST!

  • Gives you the keys to create a powerful "Thank You" letter that gets results.
  • Sell people without them even realizing you're doing it.
  • Is the secret for you to get people to opt in from your ecomm funnels.
  • Make an emotional appeal that's much more likely to get a click.
  • Make more money from NEW and Existing customers!


  1. Fill out the form below & click the "Build" button;
  2. Scroll through the results that appear below the form;
  3. Click on the blue text to change wording or click on the lock to lock in that wording;
  4. Click the blue shopping cart to save to the clip bin or the orange copy button to paste to your favorite text editor.
  5. Click on "Get Results" to download Text, Word, or PowerPoint version or have them emailed to you.

*Do Not Forget to click "Project" and Save your project input for future use or changes!

Example Projects

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Product: DYI Kombucha Brewing Kit (Target: Kombuchaholics)