FISH or CUT BAIT – My page is not converting….HELP [podcast #3]

FISH or CUT BAIT – My page is not converting….HELP


Jim and Stew walk through a business webpage that is not doing well. Even though we have different options for this Funnel Scripts user (Keith) we give several ideas of how to fix it up so the message is a little more crisp and clear and not competing with the main product site or

Hey Jim- I have been working like crazy using funnel scripts and following you in FB every day. For some reason I am missing something because my page does not convert. spent over 1000 on FB ads and sold like 4 bottles. I have exhausted over 2 months of trying to make my page work with horrible results. It could be the FB ads running to the ad, but for some reason i doubt it. I have hired on people that seem to really know what they are doing on that end.

I have 6 ad sets targeting different people with different messages to try and hit the vain. But when they get to the page they bounce. My last tweak I did was re-do the headline again, and people in the industry seem to think the page is Solid. Which even bothers me more. The only thing I know for sure is that it is not working. Thanks again for the consideration. Here is the link