Is There Anybody Out There?

Do you ever feel like you’re operating in a vacuum with social media and social media posting? Do you feel like no one is paying attention?

You’re not alone! 

It happens to me and it happens to everyone else too!

But before we jump into this, you need to understand one thing: everybody experiences that, especially when you’re first getting started. Nobody’s born with a list. Nobody’s born with a million Instagram followers or anything like that.

First, you’ve got to get started!

It’s a lot like training for a marathon. You have to take that first step. And you need to understand this is a long-term commitment. A marathon is not a sprint! If you want the results, you’ve got to do the work consistently to get results.

The prize goes to the person who understands social media is a long game. 

Second, find what you’re passionate about

I say that when you’re passionate about something, creating content and planning content marketing is fun. When you do something you love, it won’t feel like work. You won’t give up on the task quickly because you’re having fun. 

For example, do you remember when I first started sharing all the Unicorn stuff? Well, at first, nobody really cared. But since I was having fun, I kept doing it until it started catching on.

Contribute to groups with your perfect target audience

The other thing you need to consider is that posting on your timeline (or on your page) without having followers or friends means you ARE talking into a vacuum. I recommend speeding up the process by joining groups. Make sure you contribute to those groups and share valuable content. 

Something I learned from my friend Samantha Brown is the concept of the Facebook funnel…

You need to funnel people to your profile and then into your group. Do this by first joining other groups, answering questions, and sharing cool content. People will click on your profile to check you out. They’ll become interested in what you have to say because they’ve seen your group posts. When they discover you have a group or a page, they’ll probably join that one too. 

So, to kickstart the process, you need to reach people and be seen. You can meet people in groups, on pages, and by sharing relevant content. Always post something that will make people think: ‘I want to know more about this person.’

Understand that it won’t happen instantly

This is the hard part. There will be days when you won’t be sure anybody is paying any attention. You’ll feel like nothing worked. But then you’ll start getting some likes. People will start to engage with your content, and suddenly your database of followers grows!

It’s a process that’s shaped like a hockey stick. It just goes along at a low level for a relatively long time, and then suddenly grows. 


So, if you feel like you’re operating in a vacuum, you should know you’re not alone!

It happens to everyone (including me)! Just remember:

  • Join groups and share relevant content
  • Be an active member and draw people’s attention
  • Be willing to invest time, since this isn’t going to happen instantly (but it will happen)