The Formula For Awesome Repeatable Success At Anything

The first thing is, this isn’t a formula at all!

It’s a mindset.

But it is a formulaic way to think.

  1. Ask yourself, ‘What’s working?’
  2. Take action based on the answer to #1.

The most people make the mistake of just sitting around and contemplating why nothing’s happening.

First of all, set up a plan. A simple plan. A complicated plan makes you less likely to do something.

Pay attention. Observe what’s working and keep repeating that thing.

For example, one thing that works for me is letting the chickens out every morning and doing videos.

So, look for that type of action in your life. What are you already doing that’s working?

Still stuck? Think about what’s working for other people.

Letting the chickens out videos are a real example. If you pay close attention, you will discover that most videos start with a hook. That’s my formula for making people watch my videos.

The secret I learned is to tickle curiosity; make people interested in the video’s content.

I made this small change to my videos and added that hook as an introduction. Then I paid attention to how my results changed.

It’s not a huge change; it’s subtle.

So, my formula for awesome repeatable results is to make a small change and see if it gets you better or worse results.

But you have to take action every day. You have to be consistent. You have to analyze what’s working and what’s not.

And when you find out what’s working for you, then look at what others do that works too.

This will give you insights into what you can model.

That’s the mindset that will get you better results.

Bottom Line

In reality, the formula for awesome repeatable results is, in fact, a mindset. You should:

  • Take daily action
  • Focus on consistency
  • Make small changes
  • Analyze what’s working
  • Observe what others are doing that’s working
  • Test new things and look for ways to improve your results