What Are the Magic Words That Make People Buy?

I get asked this question or some version of it fairly often.

People are interested in what those “magic words” are to make people buy.

The answer to this question is simpler than you might expect!

Magic Words are those words people use to express a…

  • Problem
  • Desire
  • Difficulty
  • Roadblock

For example, you have a product about helping people to work on their marriage.

So, let’s say somebody was searching the Internet using the words:

  • Marriage problems
  • Marital problems
  • Arguing spouse
  • My wife is mad at me all the time

These are the magic words.

If someone is searching for “marital advice,” you’ll have to make sure you use the words ‘marital advice’ in your copy.

Or if they’re interested in ‘how to get my spouse talking,’ those are the magic words you should use in your sales copy.

But how do you discover the best magic words?

You’ll have to search in places where people express their problems or desires. For example: Facebook, forums, Twitter, Reddit, your help desk, customer emails, and customer reviews.

Look for insights:

  • How do they describe their problems?
  • How do they express their desires?

But don’t forget that “magic words are not your words.” They are your audience’s words. Even though that might seem simplistic, it’s one of those tricks hiding in plain sight. The words are magic because they are the exact words your ideals customers are using.

Magic words get people to react, to buy, to click, and subscribe.

If you use their words in your headlines, titles, or product descriptions, you will get impressive results.

Final Thoughts

The words your customer uses are magic.

Magic Words are all about your audience’s problems, desires, and expectations. And the best part about this secret is that you can find magic words everywhere!

All you need to do is pay close attention to:

  • What people say they need
  • What people search for
  • What problems they are trying to solve
  • The way they describe their problems and desires

That’s it!