Framework Titles & Stacks Decoded

Week 2 Day 12

How to create amazing titles for each of the frameworks in your "over the shoulder" OTO.

Nothing teaches like watching over somebody's shoulder as they do something you need to do... and that's exactly what I've done in THIS video.

Watch over my shoulder as I literally create ALL of the cool titles for the frameworks in my own OTO offer for One Page Sales Letter Secrets.... using the FREE Funnel Scripts everyone in the OFA Challenge has access to.

You can literally watch me DO IT... then YOU do it! When you're done, not only will you have the titles and descriptions for your own OTO offer done, but you'll have the titles and descriptions done for inside your member's area. (Oh, and you'll also have done the heavy lifting for your OTO video sales script on Day 15 - what a deal!)

Access the "Free Scripts" Here:

Access Product Specific Avatar
Access Core Title Scripts

Access the Scripts Here:

Existing OFA Scripts Members and Funnel Scripts Unlimited Members can access "Who, What, Why, How Script" Here

Access Dynamic Stack Script