Hooks Are Everywhere... Including The FREE Scripts You Already Have Access To

Week 3 Day 20 and 21

As you're getting caught up this weekend, I want to remind you that you ALREADY have tools in your hands that can help you come up with some AMAZING hooks for your funnels, ads, content, emails... even your Dream 100 approaches.

I had someone ask me on a LIVE training today "What's the difference between a title, a headline, and a hook?"

My answer: Sometimes there's NO difference! A hook can be a headline... a title... a question.

News flash! YOU already have tools in your hot little hands that enable you to make headlines, titles, and questions based on YOUR ideal customers' emotional hot buttons! Wait, what?!?

YEP! You do... and you might not even realize it... watch this video to see what I mean:

So if you want to create amazing hooks, go use these scripts right now:

Access Core Headline Scripts
Access Core Title Scripts
Access Content Idea Script
Access Conversation Starter Script