😎😎The Truth About Follow Up Funnels👍👍

If you’re one of those funnel hackers who is serious about wanting to make more money off the back end of your funnel, then pay careful attention to this follow-up funnel mistake. 🤔🤔

The #1 Follow Up Funnel Mistake : Not Developing A Relationship With People Who Buy From You 😍😍

The big idea with this mistake is most people who sell online focus solely on making sales and not on building a relationship with the people who buy.😫😫

What’s most important here is that if you do this, you’re going to work just as hard to build your business in 2 years as you are working today. In other words, it won’t get any easier as time goes by.😧😧

You need to know this because if you don’t develop relationships with people you’re just going to chase from one promotion to the next. 😨😨

When this promo runs dry you have to scramble to find another… and another… and another in a never-ending cycle of trying to find the next bright shiny object to sell.

And sooner or later, you’re luck will run out.😖😖

So now you need to take the time to set up a follow up funnel that truly adds value to people’s lives, whether they are buyers or just subscribers.

🤩Help them get value from what they bought or signed up for.

😇Add even more value to their lives with additional info, help, tools and advice.

💪Share the story behind why you do what you do and why you’re passionate about helping them. (Can you say “Epiphany Bridge”?)

📖Open your “vault” to past content you’ve published.

👋Publish new content on a regular basis.

🤗🤗Bottom line: we all need to stop looking at people who come through our funnels as “sales” and start looking at them as relationships we should nurture and reward over the long haul.

That’s the path to lasting success in an online landscape that changes by the day!👍👍

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