Using Funnel Scripts to Promote Webinar from Purchased Email Lists – [podcast #9]

“Using Funnel Scripts to Promote Webinar from Purchased Email Lists”

Funnel Scripts helps you massively increase your profits by making it super easy to come up with just the right words for your Bridge Pages and Hooks. Based on Russell’s DOTCOM Secrets formulas, we show you how to choose the right funnel script for the job! Go to and become a member of Funnel Scripts.

Today Jim Edwards answers the question from a Real Estate Investor…

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The Building Blocks – Headline Scripts and Beyond – [podcast #8]

“The Building Blocks – Headline Scripts and Beyond”

Jim Edwards Uses several Funnel Scripts wizards and scripts to take a user from Headline Creation, VSL Creation, Call to Action, Bullets, testimonials, and Offer Stack in this creative method that is a one stop shop for all you need to make awesome sales copy.

Send in your questions and we will answer them and may even make a video showing you how to use the Scripts!…

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Interview with Bridge Page Funnel Script User – [podcast #7]

“Interview with Bridge Page Funnel Script User”

Learn about the successes and “learning experiences” from Funnel Scripts subscriber Rob as Jim walks through several methods to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns using Bridge Pages and perfectly placed sales copy.  If you want to see a well done execution of Russel Branson’s DOTCOM Secrets and use of Funnel Scripts, check out this podcast.  Jim Edwards walks through a few funnel scripts…

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One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards – [podcast #6]

“One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards”

Jim Edwards walks through the One Time Offer Funnel Script as it answers a questions from a Click Funnels Subscriber – Stephen:

Podcasts:  Upsell / Down sell Page:  Jim – I cannot find where a script is for the one click upsell/downsell page? Is there one? If not what script do you recommend to use?…

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Content Creation Social Media – [podcast #5]

“Content Creation Social Media”

Jim Answers an email question on content creation for social media business posts:

“Jim, Funnel Scripts pulls me out of my circular thinking and puts me into the direction I want my prospects to go! I would love it you were able to create simple content scripts for more engagement on Facebook / Instagram.  Terry”…

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Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter… [podcast #1]

“Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter”

Stew and Jim answer a question from a FS subscriber who wants to use Funnel Scripts professionally as a copywriter.

Question: Funnel Scripts makes it much easier to get all your copy written and then you just have to edit and tweak it a little. My sole purpose for buying FS scripts was to use it to become a copywriter (instead of using it for my own products)….

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It’s Not What It IS… It’s What It DOES!

When it comes to sales copywriting, one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting hung up on WHAT they sell. They say things like “I sell physical products” or “I sell software” or “I sell coaching” or “I sell consulting.” “I sell blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,…

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Instantly Double, Even TRIPLE Your Reading Speed With This Low Cost App!

Product Review: Spritzlet Browser Plugin from In a nutshell, the Spritzlet browser plugin makes it simple to click a button in your browser’s bookmarks bar, and then have the plugin pull in the article or other text on a page letting you instantly speed read that text at a level and speed you control.…

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My Proven Daily Planning Sheet Helps You Make Each Day As Efficient And Successful As Possible

If you’re struggling to make each day as successful as possible, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about “Jim’s Daily Success Sheet,” my proven, personal daily planning sheet that enables entrepreneurs to make each day as efficient and successful as possible. In short, this is my personal daily…

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Daily Success Page

Click Here for the Word (DOCX) version Click Here for the PDF version  

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