Be An Innovator, Not An Inventor

Why You Should Want To Be An Innovator And Not An Inventor

There’s a lot of advice floating around about online business:

  • How to pick products
  • How to choose your market
  • How to set everything up for success

And I believe most of that advice is smart and useful! But I always prefer simplicity.


Because the simpler something is, the easier it is to understand and execute.

I used to invent and think up new stuff all the time. The problem is that when you invent something, you have to go out and convince the market they need it.

So, your offer is about both invention and education. It’s double the work!

Innovation is much simpler.

“Innovate” means you take something that is already working and make it better.

For example, think about your household trash cans. It used to be that these were made from metal, and it was challenging to carry them down to the street. They were noisy, heavy, and they got all dented up. There was nothing cool about metal trash cans except that Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street lived in one.

But someone took those metal trash cans, innovated, and came up with a better solution…

A new big blue plastic trash can with wheels.

That’s innovation!

So, the question was: How can you help people get their trash to the end of the driveway faster and easier?

There already was a market of people paying for trash cans.

The only thing that needed to be done was clearly explain why they should buy the new trash cans and not the old trash cans. It really was that simple.

Translating that concept to your business and your market…

My advice is to observe people in your niche market and what they’re already buying. Then ask a simple question: How can I make those items better?

Focus on how to help people get results faster, easier, quicker!

The easiest way to do that is to list all the features that make your solution better than the one they’re used to spending money on. That’s how to become a successful innovator.


You don’t need to be an inventor to be successful. You want to be an innovator instead.

To do that effectively you will have to:

  1. Discover something in your niche market that people already buy
  2. Figure out how you can make it better
  3. Use your creative energy towards innovating that existing solution
  4. Tell your audience why they’re better off buying your solution instead
  5. Focus on how your solution leads to quicker, faster, easier results

That’s it!

Now, go innovate!