Blogging Is Like Raising Chickens

Today I’m gonna teach you about blogging. Now what does blogging have to do with chickens?

Interestingly enough, a lot!

I was having a conversation with my daughter the other day as we were walking past the chickens.

She said, “Dad, they really do follow you everywhere.” And I said “Well, you know why. You’d follow me too if I gave you everything you wanted whenever you wanted it!”

They know every time I come over to their corral, I usually give them something yummy. They’ve been conditioned!

And then I started thinking about it. You know what, I REALLY can make the chickens follow me anywhere. And you know why? Because I’m giving them what they want.

So imagine that mealworms are like blog posts, or tweets, or really cool pictures on Instagram. Chickens love that stuff!

And when you hand out treats to the chickens and they pay attention and start following you around, it’s kinda like blogging and social media. I’m not giving them everything all at once. I’m giving them a little bit and they follow me, and then I do a little bit more and they follow me.

But if I scare them they run away. But they’ll come back.

So what have we done? We’ve conditioned the chickens to pay attention to me whenever they see me because they’re used to getting something good.

And that’s the lesson when it comes to social media, your articles, your videos, your memes, your blog posts, your Facebook posts, your Facebook lives, your webinars, everything.

If you’re giving them what they love, they will follow you anywhere.

And it’s not like I’m manipulating them. I’m actually giving them real value by giving them what they want.

The cool thing is I don’t even really have to think too hard about it. I just give them what they want.

And, yeah, there’s always some weirdo over there on the side who wants to argue with you. But who cares!

Give them what they want and the right people will follow you!

And that’s what you can learn from chickens and mealworms about blogging.