It’s Not What It IS… It’s What It DOES!

When it comes to sales copywriting, one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting hung up on WHAT they sell. They say things like “I sell physical products” or “I sell software” or “I sell coaching” or “I sell consulting.” “I sell blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

That’s what they try to sell (physical products, software, coaching, consulting, etc.), but they fail miserably. Why?

Because they try to sell what their product IS, not what it DOES.

What do I mean?

Husbands don’t buy a drill because it has extra battery life. They buy the drill because they can avoid the pain of constantly interrupting their work to recharge a dead battery. Why does this matter? Because when the battery lasts longer they can whip through the “honey-do list” and get back to napping in front of the TV, hanging out with their kids, or whatever else they’d rather do instead of chores around the house.

Pregnant ladies don’t buy tea. They buy tea that promises to help them alleviate their morning sickness, help them find the peace of a little extra “me time” throughout the day, and make their dreams of a happy pregnancy a reality.

Young people don’t buy books on how to do more push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, or run faster. They buy the promise of becoming a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, police officer, or fire fighter along with the pride, prestige, and recognition those titles carry.

With anything we sell, we all need to remember that people buy what you’re selling based on the desires it satisfies or the problems it solves.

That’s it!

When you think about selling, writing ads, or drafting emails, you need to start thinking in terms of the problems your product solves and the desires it satisfies.

Do NOT sit there and think “I sell a drill” or “I sell a blackhead remover kit” because that’s NOT what you’re selling. You’re selling the desire, satisfied. You’re selling the problem, solved. You’re selling the hassle, removed. That’s what you’re actually selling.

Never forget that.

Let me share two tips with you right now for how you can put this into action consistently in your business to sell more… no matter what you sell.

First, before you ever start a copywriting, advertising, or email marketing session, begin by answering these three powerful questions.

  • What problem do you solve or desire do you satisfy?
  • Who do you solve the problem or satisfy the desire for?
  • How do you solve that problem or satisfy the desire?

By doing this, you’ll put the emphasis where it belongs: on the end result you offer.

Most people focus on their product and the fact they want more sales (and FAIL miserably). I suggest you get clear on the result you provide, who you provide it for, and how your product makes it possible for them to get what they want.

Second, sit down and make a list. List off at least 5 desires and 5 problems your product or service satisfies and solves for your target audience.

Then, next to each of those items write out the EMOTION or emotionally charged outcome tied to solving that problem or satisfying that desire.

Finally, next to the positive emotion, write out the emotion or emotionally charged outcome tied to NOT solving that problem or satisfying that desire. How will life feel if they don’t solve this or get this done?

Tying the emotion to both the positive and negative gives you incredible power in both your understanding of what you’re really selling AND in your ability to communicate in your sales copy.

Bottom line: STOP selling what your product or service IS and START selling what it DOES!

Do that and your sales can’t help but take a turn for the stratosphere!

This is exactly WHY works so well. Once you identify the problems you solve, the desires you satisfy, and who you do it for… you can create ANY sales copy you need to sell ANYTHING… guaranteed!