My Proven Daily Planning Sheet Helps You Make Each Day As Efficient And Successful As Possible

If you’re struggling to make each day as successful as possible, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about “Jim’s Daily Success Sheet,” my proven, personal daily planning sheet that enables entrepreneurs to make each day as efficient and successful as possible.

In short, this is my personal daily planning sheet that helps you maximize how you organize and track your time.

I’m suggesting you should use this tool because it’s a simple tool I’ve designed for my own use over the years. I’ve put it through at least 20 different tweaks in the last 3-4 years as I’ve learned what does and does not work for me personally as far as how I spend my time each day. Rather than spend money and time on generic solutions (Day Runner, Day Planner, etc.) I chose to design my own sheet.

Here’s how Jim’s Daily Success Sheet helps you…

You can use this sheet to help you quickly and easily plan your day. It helps you instantly see the most important tasks of the day and also track your time (both estimated and actual) which helps you plan your time even more efficiently in the future.

By the way, I also like having a physical sheet of paper to write on as it makes activity planning and tracking seem more “real” and tangible. Plus, it gives me an instant record I can refer back to later. I also use the sheet to record ideas as they come to me (so I don’t lose them) and then transfer them to my idea journal later in the day.

Here’s your action plan to put my personal daily planning sheet to work immediately:

  • Download the sheet from this link:
  • Print off a few copies and put them on your desk.
  • Each night before you quit work, list off the most important things you’ll do tomorrow along with the estimated time to accomplish each item.
  • Also, copy over (by hand) any and all appointments into the right column. (I use Google Calendar as my calendar.)
  • Finally, block out the time on the right side for when you’ll do the action items from the left side. This will give you a complete picture of when and where you’ll spend your time. (It also creates appointments with yourself for when you’ll do the items on your ”to do” list.) This is key for actually getting things done rather than have them roll over day after day without completion.

By using this sheet you will have:

  • Planned your day.
  • Prioritized your most important activities.
  • Allocated your time.
  • Planned your next day.
  • Enabled yourself to stop working at the end of the day knowing you maximized your time to the best of your ability and taken steps to get even better at using your time moving forward.

Better yet, this Proven tool is Free.

You can check out Jim’s Daily Success Sheet at here on the Funnel Scripts website where you can download the DOCX or PDF version and modify it however you like!