Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter… [podcast #1]

Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter…


Stew and Jim answer a question from a FS subscriber who wants to use Funnel Scripts professionally as a copywriter.

Question: Funnel Scripts makes it much easier to get all your copy written and then you just have to edit and tweak it a little. My sole purpose for buying FS scripts was to use it to become a copywriter (instead of using it for my own products).

Is there a training that shows different ways or suggestions of how you can use FS to be a copywriter for other people (and who would be ideal clients etc)? And also what 2-3 main scripts you should focus on to build a business around?

Jim answers this one in typical Jim fashion – with experience and common sense.  Tweaking to personalize will be how you deem fit for your customer.

NOTE:  Know the difference between copyrighter and copywriter