Choose Your Story Angle

Week 1 Mission 7

Today we're going to talk about your "epiphany bridge story."

In this lesson, we'll talk about:

  • The SIX different angles you can use for your story
  • WHY you need to tell this specific type of story
  • Cool examples to illustrate the different types of story angles
  • HOW this type of story overcomes objections
  • ... and MORE

"Make'em Thirsty - Sell'em A Drink"

The power of stories to create emotion in your reader to motivate them to buy whatever you sell. This is Jim's speech from Funnel Hacking Live 2019 that will make you laugh... make you cry... and make you think about the power of stories to drive sales, subscribers and traffic to your funnels.


Today's assignment is to just think about and figure out what story you want to tell (DO NOT worry about HOW you'll tell it... just figure out WHICH story you want to tell)!