The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar

How To Create An Amazing Video To Help Sell Just About Anything On Your Value Ladder!

Week 4 Day 25

As you move up and down the value ladder, it's important to have a tool you can use to help you sell more... get sign ups... get clicks... and persuade people to take action.

The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar does just that... no matter whether you're trying to drive traffic to a high ticket funnel, or convert people on a cart funnel, or sell a book - the 5-Minute Perfect Webinar is a go-to script in your copywriting toolbox.

Originally adapted from Russell's "Perfect Webinar" by 2CCX award winner Jaime Cross to sell her soap and beauty products, this script has become a favorite of funnel hackers the world over.

Watch as I break down the component parts of the script on this video!

BONUS: I've included the handout Jaime and I created for her presentation at FHL19. You can download it as a PDF below 🙂 (You're welcome!)

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