Content Creation Social Media – [podcast #5]

“Content Creation Social Media”

Jim Answers an email question on content creation for social media business posts:

“Jim, Funnel Scripts pulls me out of my circular thinking and puts me into the direction I want my prospects to go! I would love it you were able to create simple content scripts for more engagement on Facebook / Instagram.  Terry”…

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What The Gurus Forgot To Tell You About How To Create The Content You Need

If you’re serious about learning how to create great content fast, then pay careful attention to this secret if you want to avoid having to spend hours writing articles. The Big Idea: You Can Create Great Content Just By Making A Simple List One thing is for sure, a simple list you brainstorm over a…

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Blogging Is Like Raising Chickens

Today I’m gonna teach you about blogging. Now what does blogging have to do with chickens? Interestingly enough, a lot! I was having a conversation with my daughter the other day as we were walking past the chickens. She said, “Dad, they really do follow you everywhere.” And I said “Well, you know why. You’d…

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