One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards – [podcast #6]

“One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards”

Jim Edwards walks through the One Time Offer Funnel Script as it answers a questions from a Click Funnels Subscriber – Stephen:

Podcasts:  Upsell / Down sell Page:  Jim – I cannot find where a script is for the one click upsell/downsell page? Is there one? If not what script do you recommend to use?…

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Content Creation Social Media – [podcast #5]

“Content Creation Social Media”

Jim Answers an email question on content creation for social media business posts:

“Jim, Funnel Scripts pulls me out of my circular thinking and puts me into the direction I want my prospects to go! I would love it you were able to create simple content scripts for more engagement on Facebook / Instagram.  Terry”…

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Parallel Businesses to Get Ideas / Script Walk Through with Jim [podcast #4]

“Parallel Businesses to Get Ideas / Script Walk Through with Jim”

Jim walks Irene through the Niche and Offer Detective Wizard along with advice on finding assistance to her funnel hack and online business model. Here is a question from a Funnel Script user focusing on creating a sales page for her site.

Hi Jim – My industry is image consulting (helping women create their personal style and personal brand) and I feel stuck…

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FISH or CUT BAIT – My page is not converting….HELP [podcast #3]

“FISH or CUT BAIT – My page is not converting….HELP”

Jim and Stew walk through a business webpage that is not doing well. Even though we have different options for this Funnel Scripts user (Keith) we give several ideas of how to fix it up so the message is a little more crisp and clear and not competing with the main product site or

Hey Jim- I have been working like crazy using funnel scripts and following you in FB every day…

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Offer Stack for a Membership Site that has NOTHING to do with MMO [podcast #2]

“Offer Stack for a Membership Site that has NOTHING to do with MMO”

We just used one of the new OFA Scripts to create an offer stack that is head and shoulders above what this Funnel Scripts user was using…

You’re definitely missing out if you don’t have Funnel Scripts!

PS: we’ve added this demo project as a share script example inside of Funnel Scripts so you can model it….

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Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter… [podcast #1]

“Using Funnel Scripts for the Professional Copywriter”

Stew and Jim answer a question from a FS subscriber who wants to use Funnel Scripts professionally as a copywriter.

Question: Funnel Scripts makes it much easier to get all your copy written and then you just have to edit and tweak it a little. My sole purpose for buying FS scripts was to use it to become a copywriter (instead of using it for my own products)….

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