Branding Yourself in a Tough Market – [podcast 15]

“Branding Yourself in a Tough Market”

Jim Edwards discusses the options this type of entrepreneur and business owner can do to stand out in a market. Stew gets scared and overly emotional when insects and snakes are mentioned too much. Enjoy the lively discussion and Jim’s professional walk -through of two scripts to help Jenny tell her story and why she is the answer to all the things in Australia that can kill you….

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No Difference Between Your Own Business / Affiliate with Sales Copy – [podcast #14]

“No Difference Between Your Own Business / Affiliate with Sales Copy”

Jim answers the following question with a brilliant walk-through and recording of a video sales letter made from the funnel script:

What scripts should I use for affiliate marketing like the 30 day challenge?

Jim walks through the Quick Start Demo script and then he records a sales video all created in less than 10 minutes using the walk-through information shown to answer the affiliate marketing question.

Jim Edwards ALSO shares a new life hack to save time or energy when typing – just speak to text hack used without buying any new software for your computer IF you have Windows 10.

Typing HACK:  Voice to Text on your computer using the Windows Key and H key – then simply speak…

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Packing Emotion into Sales Copy With Special Guest Dean Edelson of ClickFunnels – [podcast #13]

“Packing Emotion into Sales Copy With Special Guest Dean Edelson of ClickFunnels”

Jim Edwards discusses sales copy emotion with professional copywriter Dean Edelson of ClickFunnels and demonstrates funnel scripts for creating incredible and effective sales copy that works for any business…

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Getting Into The Mind of Your Market and Sell – [podcast #12]

“Getting Into The Mind of Your Market and Sell”

Today’s topic comes from Sean who has a business in the Mom Market involving iphone life hacks called Apple Moms and AppleMoms Pro (membership site). Jim walks through the Niche Wizard to help get into the mind of the Mom needing help with time and life hacks. But also you have to realize – what are you selling? What are Moms buying? Do your research in your market. The Niche Wizard can help organize your searches and save time / effort in the process…

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Selling on Youtube – Video Sales Letter – [podcast #11]

“Selling on Youtube – Video Sales Letter”

Today’s topic:  Selling and Making Money on Youtube – We have a guy wanting to sell a course on youtube. If you have a new idea you want to sell find out 

what is the fastest way to get this idea up and running to test with as little time / money investment as possible.

VSL – Video Sales Letter Wizard Walk-Through. …

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One Funnel Away Challenge – Perfect Script Discussion – [podcast #10]

“One Funnel Away Challenge – Perfect Script Discussion”

Justin asks about the One Funnel Away Challenge script is the best to get started with building the funnel for your business. This one stop shop for answering potential customer’s questions – WHY You? WHY This? WHY Now?…

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Using Funnel Scripts to Promote Webinar from Purchased Email Lists – [podcast #9]

“Using Funnel Scripts to Promote Webinar from Purchased Email Lists”

Today Jim Edwards answers the question from a Real Estate Investor and walk’s through the Webinar Script Demo with the 5 Hooks and Curiosity Script to drive traffic to a sales page for the webinar you are promoting….

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The Building Blocks – Headline Scripts and Beyond – [podcast #8]

“The Building Blocks – Headline Scripts and Beyond”

Jim Edwards Uses several Funnel Scripts wizards and scripts to take a user from Headline Creation, VSL Creation, Call to Action, Bullets, testimonials, and Offer Stack in this creative method that is a one stop shop for all you need to make awesome sales copy.

Send in your questions and we will answer them and may even make a video showing you how to use the Scripts!…

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Interview with Bridge Page Funnel Script User – [podcast #7]

“Interview with Bridge Page Funnel Script User”

Learn about the successes and “learning experiences” from Funnel Scripts subscriber Rob as Jim walks through several methods to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns using Bridge Pages and perfectly placed sales copy.  If you want to see a well done execution of Russel Branson’s DOTCOM Secrets and use of Funnel Scripts, check out this podcast.  Jim Edwards walks through a few funnel scripts…

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One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards – [podcast #6]

“One Time Offer Walk-Through with Jim Edwards”

Jim Edwards walks through the One Time Offer Funnel Script as it answers a questions from a Click Funnels Subscriber – Stephen:

Podcasts:  Upsell / Down sell Page:  Jim – I cannot find where a script is for the one click upsell/downsell page? Is there one? If not what script do you recommend to use?…

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