What Actually Is A Hook?

Week 2 Mission 4

Today we're going to talk about hooks and the purpose of the hook.

We'll also discuss the TWO 2️ main things that can function as a hook... along with a cool WORKSHEET to make this EASY for you 😉 (You're welcome!)

Again, this is really simple... so don't complicate it!


Download the Question
Hooks Formula PDF

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Hooks Script

Note: You will need to purchase Funnel Scripts to access this script. If you have purchased Funnel Scripts, you can use the wizard when you log in.

If you have not bought Funnel Scripts, you can learn more about what Funnel Scripts has to offer and how to purchase it at https://funnelscripts.com


Post your hook(s) in your specific One Funnel Away Challenge FB Group to share that you got this done!