Content VS Sales Copy

Week 4 Mission 2

Today we're going to talk about "Content VS Sales Copy"

What's the difference and why should you care?

It's always been interesting to me how people think you have to write your sales copy differently than you create your content... it's like they have to switch one voice on and another one off to create each type.

I'm not smart enough to be able to do that (switch voices)... so I always write, speak, and create with the same voice.

It's worked out pretty well so far, so I don't think I'm gonna quit or change any time soon... and I'd encourage you to do the same 🙂

So in this lesson I explain how sales copy and content are 99% the exact same thing! And I also explain how you can use this to your advantage for the rest of your life... far beyond the OFA Challenge!


Once you watch the lesson, head on over to your specific One Funnel Away Challenge FB Group and share your thoughts about how Content and Sales Copy are pretty much the same thing (or not) 🙂